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Texas Land Veterans Mortgage Program

The Texas Land Veterans mortgage program requires that the new home be ENERGY STAR® qualified or that it achieves a HERS Rating of 75 or less by the certified Home Energy Rater that performs the analysis, inspections and testing.

Before testing and inspections are scheduled, we will need to perform a software analysis to see if the home qualifies without any changes. We will require the following information in order to do the analysis (if changes are required, they must be performed prior to the inspections and testing):

  • A full set of digital plans, either a PDF or DWG file
  • Window NFRC values – SHGC and U-Value
  • Wall insulation type and R-value
  • Ceiling insulation type and R-value
  • Exterior sheathing type
  • Roof sheathing type
  • Roofing material type
  • Number of HVAC equipment & model numbers – outside coil, inside condenser, furnace number
  • HVAC equipment location – attic, inside closet, outside closet
  • Water heater model number and location
  • Any type of solar system – PV, water heating
  • Percentage of CFL or LED lighting
  • Type and location of whole house ventilation system

After we perform the software analysis and if the house has not yet been sheet rocked, we will visually inspect the framing to ensure that common air leakage paths have been blocked properly. We must also inspect the quality of the insulation installation, assigning a RESNET grade to the insulation based on the quality of the installation. These inspections need to take place while the home is under construction, otherwise the insulation must be assigned a default grading of Grade III.

We must also test the duct system and house for air leakage, using testing protocols approved by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). The duct leakage test may be performed prior to drywall installation or it may be performed after the home has been completed (about 3-4 days prior to closing). If there is a significant amount of duct leakage, the home may not be able to qualify for the Texas Land Veterans mortgage. The final testing on the house is performed about 3-4 days prior to closing; this gives the builder time to correct any deficiencies that may be found.

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To get a Texas Land Veterans loan, your home has to be ENERGY STAR qualified.
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