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Code Compliance

Ensuring that Texas Homes Meet IECC Requirements

For years, we have helped builders construct air tight, energy-efficient, durable homes in San Antonio, Austin and the surrounding Texas Hill Country. We ensure these homes meet International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements.

Code Requirements

The 2015 IECC requires that the builder comply with one of the following options in order to show compliance with the new code:

Option 1

Install insulation that meets or exceeds the requirements of Table 402.1.2, which includes:

  • Climate Zone 2
    • R-13 at the exterior walls
    • R-38 at the attic
    • R-13 at floors over unconditioned
    • Windows with a U-value of .40 or lower
  • Climate Zone 3
    • R-20 or R-13 + R-5 continuous at the exterior walls
    • R-38 at the attic
    • R-19 at floors over unconditioned
    • Windows with a U-value of .35 or lower

Option 2

Use software to show that the insulation is at least as good as option 1 (RES Check).

Option 3

Use software to show that the heating, cooling and water heating costs are less than if the house was built using the values in option 1 (REM Rate).

Option 4

Use software to produce an ERI (HERS Rating) that has a value equal to or less than specified:

  • The state adopted a different HERS requirement than what is written in the 2015 IECC with a
    target that starts lowering in 2019
  • The starting ERI is a 65 which is considerably more efficient than a house built to the 2015 IECC
    and would typically significant energy improvements

Insulation & Framing Requirements

The builder must:

  • Install air barriers on all insulated cavities, including attic knee walls, floor cavities adjacent to unconditioned spaces and double exterior walls
  • Air seal all holes, penetrations and seams in the air barrier, including wire and plumbing holes, HVAC register boots, recessed can lights, etc.
  • Install insulation around all pipes, wires and any other obstruction in the cavity by installing a loose-fill insulation product.
  • Install 75% high efficient light bulbs in the house (either CFL or LED).
  • Install at least one programmable thermostat per HVAC system.
  • Install a whole house ventilation system which meets ASHRAE 62.2.
  • Have the above items verified by a 3rd party.
  • Have a blower door test performed on the house, achieving 5 ACH50 or better.

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With proper guidance and consultation, the migration from the current
2009 IECC to the new 2015 IECC can be achieved with little change
to building process.

Let Builders Energy Rater help you through this process and
provide you with the tools and information needed to build a quality,
cost-effective house for your customers. Contact us today!