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Features of an ENERGY STAR® qualified home:

  • Effective insulation
  • Advanced windows
  • Tight construction
  • Duct sealing & insulation
  • High efficiency Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment
  • Properly sized HVAC equipment
  • Independent 3rd Party inspection, testing and verification
What do I tell potential homebuyers when showing an ENERGY STAR home?

  • Insulation- “Without proper levels of insulation that is installed right, it’s like wearing a jacket open and loose on a cold winter day.”
  • Windows- “A low-e coating is used to keep unwanted heat away in the summer, while keeping heat inside in the winter.”
  • Tight Construction- “Hundreds of holes and hundreds of cracks in a typical home can quickly add up to the equivalent of an open window in your house 365 days a year.”
  • Duct sealing & insulation- “Sealing ducts allows more conditioned air to reach the home’s living spaces, providing greater comfort. Duct leakage is estimated to cost American homeowners $5 billion per year.”
  • High Efficiency HVAC Equipment- “SEER, AFUE and HSPF are industry jargon describing how efficiently the equipment operates, like miles per gallon. The higher the efficiency number, the lower your utility bills.”
  • Properly Sized HVAC Equipment- “Properly sized air conditioners improve comfort, provide better humidity control, are quieter, have lower cooling costs, and have fewer maintenance problems.”
  • Independent 3rd Party Verification- “Each home is individually inspected and tested for energy features by a Certified Home Energy Rater. The efficiency of all equipment, building components, house tightness, and duct tightness are verified. Any builder can claim they have an energy efficient home - this builder proves it.”
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