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ENERGY STAR® Requirements
Effective January 1, 2007

New ENERGY STAR® Requirements
Effective July 1, 2006

ENERGY STAR program requirements:
  • Set by the Environmental Protection Agency and reflect the alignment with the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code
  • Software analysis by RESNET-certified Rater using RESNET-approved software
  • 17 point Thermal Bypass Checklist mandatory inspection pre-drywall
  • Insulation must be inspected and graded on quality of installation
  • ENERGY STAR qualified HVAC units OR ENERGY STAR qualified windows OR 5 or more ENERGY STAR qualified appliances, light fixtures, ceiling fans with light fixtures, ventilation fans (kitchen & bath exhaust, inline fans)
  • Envelope leakage determined by RESNET-certified Rater using RESNET-approved protocols
  • Duct leakage to the outside < 6% of conditioned floor area and must be determined by a RESNET-certified Rater using RESNET-approved protocols
  • All cooling equipment shall be sized according to the latest edition of ACCA Manuals J and S, ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals, or equivalent computations, with a maximum over sizing of 15% for air conditioners and heat pumps. The Rater can size the equipment or review the sizing documentation provided by the professional contractor or engineer who performed the sizing calculations. These are the operating conditions that must be used for the sizing calculations and must be verified if reviewed by the RESNET-certified Rater.
    • Outdoor temperatures shall be the 99% and 1% design temperatures as published in ASHRAE’s Handbook of Fundamentals for the home’s location or most representative city that has design temperature data
    • Indoor temperatures shall be 70°F for heating and 75°F for cooling
    • Infiltration rate shall be selected as “tight” or equivalent
ENERGY STAR qualified windows for the San Antonio climate zone (IECC zone 2) have:
U-factor < 0.65 & SHGC < 0.40; U-factor < 0.66/0.67 & SHGC < 0.39; U-factor < 0.68 & SHGC < 0.38; U-factor < 0.69/0.70 & SHGC < 0.37; U-factor < 0.71 & SHGC < 0.36; U-factor < 0.72/0.73 & SHGC < 0.35; U-factor < 0.74 & SHGC < 0.34; U-factor < 0.75 & SHGC < 0.33.
  • Outdoor and indoor coils shall be ARI matched
  • If a heat pump is installed with a programmable thermostat, the thermostat must have Adaptive Recovery technology
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