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Why Should You Build an ENERGY STAR® home? Let’s see...

  • Do you want to separate yourself from the competition?
  • Do you want improved customer satisfaction?
  • Do you want to improve the bottom line?
  • Do you want technical support?
  • Do you want marketing support?
  • Do you want flexibility in how you achieve the higher standard?

If you answered “Yes!” then you should be building ENERGY STAR homes.
Market Differentiation - By participating in the ENERGY STAR program, you can distinguish yourself as a leader in efficient construction and environmental stewardship, providing valuable recognition and market advantage. The ENERGY STAR brand has achieved over 60% market penetration and is becoming the consumers’ preferred housing choice.

Improved Customer Satisfaction - ENERGY STAR homes provide added value to your homebuyers through lower utility costs, quieter and more comfortable homes, improved indoor air quality, advanced technology, higher resale value, and environmental protection.

Increased Revenue- Built-in energy -saving features can increase revenue on every ENERGY STAR qualified home. In addition, the savings on energy may allow buyers to afford upgrades, further increasing your income.

Reduced Callbacks - Better-built, energy efficient homes can reduce callbacks and consumer complaints. We provide an independent evaluation of the energy efficient features.

Technical Support - We are nationally certified and recognized as energy efficiency experts and can provide you with the ability to make intelligent choices on energy efficient materials, techniques and systems.

Marketing Support - We can provide you with customized marketing support tools, sales training and consumer brochures.

Non-Prescriptive Approach - We perform software analysis in order to let you make the most cost effective choices while building an ENERGY STAR qualified home.
Key Insulation is your ENERGY STAR Partner for Insulation.
Visit them at www.keyinsulation.com
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